Children are also members of the family but because of their particular age it is important to deal with them somehow differently from other members of the family. Children are very vulnerable and can easily be impressed and so they should be treated with particular care. It is a mistake to believe that children do not know what is going on around them. Children will feel that there is something wrong and feel worried. You must find a way to communicate with them about the illness. Their mental development need to be taken into consideration on what to tell them and information should be given step by step. Simple explanation is usually enough but this depends on their mental age. Keep them informed. Encourage them to ask questions.

Some children may think that the disease is their fault because of their bad behavior. Reassure them that this is not true. It is important to uniform their school teacher about the situation at home. The teacher will then monitor any change in behavior of the child. If you feel that you are unable to communicate effectively with children about the disease seek help. There are many resources that can help you how to communicate effectively with children.