It will take several days in order that the pathologist issues a pathology report. This time may be a long time for an individual that is waiting for the results of such an important test. It is however important to keep calm and be positive. It is useless to alarm yourself.

The pathology report is very important since it will help your doctor to determine treatment and to effectively manage your condition. There are three cell types of mesothelioma which are epithelioid, sacromatous and biphasic. Epitheloid is the most common accounting for 50-70% of all mesotheliomas. It is also the less aggressive. Sarcomatous is the most aggressive and accounts to 20-35% of all mesotheliomas. Biphasic is a combination of the two other cell types and it accounts to 7-20% of all mesotheliomas.

If mesothelioma cancer is diagnosed, it is important to know about the spread (stage) of the disease. The staging process may involve more tests in order to find whether the cancer has spread, and if this is the case, to which other part of the body. It is important that the stage is known since treatment will be based on the stage of the cancer. If mesothelioma is only found in the membrane surface where it developed it is classified as localized. On the other hand if, mesothelioma has spread from the original membrane to other parts of the body such as chest wall, lungs abdominal organs or lymph nodes, it is classified as advanced.

Unfortunately only a very small number of mesothelioma cases are diagnosed in the early stages. Many early diagnosis of mesothelioma occur when the individual is being examined for other unrelated disease. The prognosis (the prediction of the course and outcome of the disease and the likehood of recovery) is poor in the case of mesothelioma. In fact a 5- year survival rate occurs in only about 14% of all the cases. On the other hand there are individuals who have survived more than 10 years after the diagnosis. Survival depends on individual differences in patients. For example younger patients have a more favorable prognosis than older ones.