It is sometimes difficult to talk about cancer in the family environment. This is comprehensible. Family members may be overwhelmed with emotions about the disease. They may also refrain from talking with the patient for fear of distressing him or her. Although the patient may sometimes feel an urge to be left alone to sort his thinking, it is important that when the patients feel the need to communicate with their family, they must be available as much as they can. A closed line of communication may instill feelings of mistrust, fear and loss of faith in the future. However the patient may not fool himself and think that the family does not care from him/her. Far from it. Not talking about the subject does not mean that they are not thinking about you but only that they are afraid to talk about the subject.
It is important for the family to listen to the patient. It is not that important for the family members to make a speech but just to listen to the patient when he feels the need to talk. A mesothelioma sufferer may feel the need to talk and to pour out his/her emotions. It is important that family members do not talk only about mesothelioma and nothing else. Living with mesethelioma will mean also doing other interesting things. The issue of mesothelioma is not the only issue in one's life. You still can do other interesting and productive things.