Chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy may cause infertility. Chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy can damage the ovaries or lower the hormones produce by them and can also result in early menopause. Hence the woman may become infertile. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy may lower the number of sperms or damage the sperms. Hence the man may become infertile. Infertility depends on certain factors such as the type of and the general health of the individual and the chemotherapy drugs administered.  It is important to talk to the physician about fertility problems and about the intentions of having children in the future.

Getting pregnant during chemotherapy can cause serious defects in the unborn baby. So it is important not to get pregnant during this time. Further more it is also important that a man receiving chemotherapy will not make his partner pregnant since his sperms may be damaged and may cause birth defects. Infertility problems may be permanent, so it is important to discuss them with the physician and be informed as much as possible.