Perhaps one of the most visible symptoms that an individual has cancer is hair loss. Many patients are very aware and concerned about the loss of their hair. Hair thinning and hair loss is a common side effect of some chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy. This occurs because chemotherapy drugs damages rapid growing cells such as those of mesothelioma but also other normal rapid growing cells such as that of the hair. However the hair will grow some time after chemotherapy is terminated and it may not necessary be of the same texture or color as was prior to chemotherapy.

There are practical ways to deal with hair loss. One can buy a wig. There is a large choice of wigs and a wig can also be appropriately styled to match the patient's hair. So it is important to choose a wig before any treatment is started. Many people have negative feelings such as depression and embarrassment when their hair falls. But in the majority of the cases hair will be back some time after the treatment is terminated.