You may wish to be treated locally or you may choose to be treated in a specialized treatment for your mesothelioma. There are specialized cancer centers that can offer a wide range of facilities. However these centers may not necessary be near your residence and so you may be required to travel. These specialized care centers consist of teams of physicians of various specialties such as radiation oncologists, pulmonary therapist, surgery oncologists, pathologists and others. They are usually located near universities and research facilities and may also conduct various clinical trials.

Whatever facility you choose it is important that such facility is recommended by the National Cancer Institute and is rated about the quality care offered by a recognized body.
The facility chosen should be familiar with the treatment of mesothelioma. Although the cancer centre may be a centre of excellence, it does not necessarily mean that it excels in the treatment of mesothelioma. There are many other types of cancers that can be treated at the centre and where the cancer centre may be a leader. However it is important to check that the centre has adequate medical staff and experience for the treatment of your type of cancer; mesothelioma cancer.

It is important that the centre coordinates with your local care team. You may still involve your local care team in your treatment especially if the cancer centre you choose is far away from your residence.

It is also important that the facility chosen is clear about the rights of the patients and insurance plans. It is a good idea to check if the medical services offered in the facility is covered by your medical insurance and what services are covered. The facility should be clear about your rights and responsibilities. If you are in doubt you may wish to ask for the patient's bill of rights. The bill of rights describes the rights of the patients.