The best way to prevent Mesothelioma is to avoid contact with asbestos. Most people that get mesothelioma had worked with asbestos in the past. Unfortunately some people may still be exposed to asbestos on their workplace nowadays. People who may be exposed to asbestos in their present work (such as factory workers, insulation workers, miners, railroad workers, construction workers and ship builders) should follow strict regulations issued by the Occupational and Health Administration or another authorized regulator for their safety and also for the safety of their family members. Workers should use protective equipment provided by their employers and follow recommended work practices and safety procedures.

Unfortunately family members living with people that are exposed to asbestos on their workplace have an increased risk of developing mesothelioma. This is because these individuals may be exposed to asbestos particles brought home by asbestos workers. Asbestos particles may be embedded on the clothing, hair, skin or shoes of asbestos workers. In order to reduce the risk that a family member gets mesothelioma it is important that individuals that are exposed to asbestos on their workplace to wash themselves and change their working clothes before going home.

Mesothelioma can develop also by exposure to asbestos at home or in public buildings. Special attention need to be taken when living in old homes since some old homes may have asbestos in their insulation or in other materials. In this case it is important to have the home checked by a qualified expert and if necessarily such hazardous materials need to be removed; always by an expert. Some modern buildings may also have asbestos products. However asbestos poses little danger if it is not inhaled as tiny particles.